Since its founding in 2008, Curio has established itself as an innovative provider of equipment for the primary whitefish processing industry. In 2019, Marel partnered with Curio, moving one step closer to becoming a full-line provider for the wild whitefish sector and complementing the existing product portfolio.

No customer is too small, and no customer is too large for Curio’s flexible and dynamic equipment. Fish processors of all sizes worldwide benefit from the innovative heading, filleting and skinning solutions for both the whitefish and salmon industries.

Dynamic filleting platform

The Curio Filleting Platform delivers a high and consistent yield over a wide variety of fish species and sizes achieved by utilizing a dynamic, robust and reliable design. It is a unique filleting system based around a single design concept. With four standard frame models and two extended frame models sharing 95% of the same components, the Curio Filleting Platform offers processors unparalleled flexibility. Curio conversion kits enable you to expand your processing size range capabilities, ensuring a long life for your investment.

The Curio Filleting Platform C-2011 is a dynamic and adaptable system that efficiently fillets a wide variety of whitefish sizes and species.

C-2011 Curio Filleting Platform

The C-2011 Curio Filleting Platform is easy to operate and maintain and reliable in production onshore and on vessels. When processing different species, some mechanical adjustments are required to optimize the yield and performance. Processors enjoy the ease of being able to adjust and fine-tune the machine mechanically according to their needs.

The C-2011 has a series of pneumatic cylinders, which are manually adjusted to the desired pressure. There is a manual pneumatic switch to change between cod and haddock. Other pressures according to fish quality and firmness are also adjusted manually. A control panel operates the machine with simple buttons to adjust knife speed and saddle speed.

Based on a single design concept and available in six sizes, the C-2011 Filleting Platform fillets fish weighing from 400g to 18kg, allowing an unparalleled level of flexibility when it comes to utilization.

C-3011 Curio Filleting Platform

The C-3011 Curio Filleting Platform is automated with a new touch screen control panel. The touch screen interface gives processors control over the machine’s essential functions such as saddle speed and knife speed, and displays information on emergency stops and safety switches. The computer also allows you to create and save recipes for different setups on the machine.

From the screen, you can control our new computerized pneumatic system and adjust the pressure on the pneumatic cylinders in the machine. An integrated surveillance camera enables you to watch the filleting operation from within the C-3011, and the screen displays essential data on fish exiting the machine. Integration with Marel Innova software and remote assistance is available.

The Filleting Platform is easy to adjust and maintain.

C-4011 Curio Filleting Platform

In addition to the advanced specifications of the Curio C-3011, the C-4011 Curio Filleting Platform introduces a multi-dimension digital measuring system. The measurements obtained are fed to the computer interface to allow a series of servo-driven motors to control the machine’s movements. The touch screen allows different fish species to be selected, and the C-4011 automatically adjusts accordingly. The computer control allows fine-tuning of the basic setup parameters to maximize yield and performance according to fish size and species without mechanical intervention. There is also the possibility to create and call up recipes to change the setup parameters during production quickly.

Whitefish fillets are optimized when the Curio Fileting Platform is part of a line that is followed by a FleXicut, producing high-quality boneless whitefish. With its precision bone detection and water-jet cutting, the FleXicut combined with the Filleting Platform reduces physical handling, resulting in damage to the filet and enables a more diverse product range.

Each fillet is skinned according to its length thanks to an electronic measuring system.

Maximizing yield, minimizing human error

The C-3027 Heading Machine is an automated fish deheader that is easy to operate, boasting a straightforward design. Designed for deheading whitefish such as cod, haddock, saithe, and other similar fish, the Heading Machine possesses the ability to process several species within the same parameters without changing equipment.

Thanks to an intelligent positioning system, human error is reduced, and yield is maximized. The operator easily places the fish on a tray where it is positioned accurately and moves towards rotating blades, efficiently separating the head from the trunk. Operators can easily switch between different species, select different range settings, adjust the machine speed, and operate the machine safely with a simple user interface.

Daily maintenance, cleaning, and repair work are minimized thanks to easy access to the machine’s internal safeguards. An automatic lubrication system ensures all critical parts are well lubricated, reducing the repair and maintenance work while providing a reliable and safe operation.

The Curio C-2031 Skinning Machine is a powerful double skinning machine that features independent control of the right and left conveyors.

Flexible double skinning

The Curio C-2031 Skinning Machine is a flexible double skinning machine that delivers a high capacity and high yield. With the unique ability to independently control the right and left conveyors, processors have the option of switching between skin on and skin off without having to remove or change equipment in a line.

A touch panel controls the machine’s functions, and an ethernet connection enables remote monitoring, maintenance, and software upgrades. A skinning roller combined with an automatic, sensor-controlled pressure hold down system avoids damaging the fillets. An electronic measuring system ensures each fillet is accurately skinned according to its length. Processors benefit from production oversight with a camera at the outfeed while a fully height adjustable outfeed belt gently delivers fillets to the next station.

A winning combination

Marel and Curio have had a successful history of working together to deliver full-line projects for some of the most forward-thinking fish processors around the world, including overarching Innova software from Marel to enable seamless flow across all processing stages. Curio now utilizes Marel’s sales and service network to extend its global reach to serve customers better. Together, they continue to innovate industry solutions and work alongside customers worldwide to transform the way fish is processed.