One of Brazil’s largest producers of feed-grade soy protein concentrate (SPC) is doubling down on its commitment to sustainability with further measures aimed at curbing soybean farming in the Amazon under a broader effort to combat illegal deforestation.

CJ Selecta has been on the front line of this fight since early 2019 when it joined the Aquaculture Dialogue on Sustainable Soy Sourcing from Brazil initiative, which represents a collaboration between three domestic SPC producers, certification body ProTerra and four major European salmon feed manufacturers: Skretting, Cargill Aqua Nutrition, Biomar and Mowi.

As IntraFish has reported, the group aims to establish a new traceability system, code of conduct, and long-term sustainable purchasing and supplying policies that prohibit the sourcing of soy from illegally deforested lands.

On top of those industry-specific actions within the group, CJ Selecta is taking additional measures to enhance sustainability across the supply chain.

Several steps further

CJ Selecta has pledged not to use soy from the Amazon for the next two years. Instead, it intends to make additional investments in programs that encourage local, non-Amazonian farmers to produce more non-GMO soy.

Other initiatives on the horizon include:

  • Establishing an internal management team and process for sustainability
  • Expanding the auditing and tracking of all farms in its supply chain
  • Tracking and reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Releasing a non-GMO soybean life cycle report that will serve as the cornerstone of a campaign to reduce the carbon footprint of its soy products
  • Publishing a sustainability report that monitors the progress of these initiatives, and others

CJ Selecta is confident that these efforts, which are backed by its parent, South Korean conglomerate CJ CheilJedang, will enable the company to achieve both its short and long-term sustainability targets while laying the foundation for clear, open communication with stakeholders across the entire supply chain.

In response to growing concerns about tropical deforestation across the globe, both CJ Selecta and CJ CheilJedang are committed to working exclusively with farmers that preserve critical habitats on their lands while meeting the social, environmental and economic demands of the markets they serve, including aquaculture.