When he first entered the studio—specially designed to host Salmon Sessions, a new infotainment series for the seafoood industry—Dennis Schreiber, vice president of sales and service at Baader Fish, said he would usually associate such a setting with a sports show.

But sports were far from the topics Schreiber and host Chris Brow signaled during the pilot for the 10-episode season that focuses on the entire Baader salmon processing line.

Dennis Schreiber does, however, assume the role of commentator during product demonstrations from the Baader Technology Center in Lübeck, Germany—much like an analyst on a sports talk show. As a long-term staffer whose held a variety positions with the company all over the world, Schreiber is uniquely suited to provide valuable insight during the journey through Baader's product portfolio.

Dennis Schreiber, Vice President Sales/Service

Schreiber has been working for Baader since 2001 in various positions and countries. His experience ranges from designing, selling and project managing processing line solutions for various species to general management. Following Baader's acquisition of Seafood Innovations in 2013, he moved to Australia to manage the knowledge transfer. In 2015, he relocated to Seattle where he took on the North American Fish & General Foods market as CEO of Baader North America. In August 2020 he assumed the position of Vice President for Sales & Service at Baader's headquarters in Germany. He is married with two kids.

“It is not only going to be you and me,” he explains to host Chris Brow. “Every week, I will be bringing two Baader experts along and they will be sharing their deep insights and knowledge on different new products we are going to offer in the future.”

Bringing this human element to streaming video content about processing equipment is something new for Baader. According to executive chairwoman Petra Baader, this fresh to communication underlines the company’s current areas of focus: automation, digitalization and humanization.

“We came across this great idea of asking our employees to present their machines, their projects, and their solutions in their personal way,” Baader says. “The result is a great mixture of facts and details, delivered with a nice personal touch.”

During the series, employees of all varieties—including product managers, software and digitalization specialists, service and training experts and, of course, mechanical, project and sales engineers—will present processing equipment and solutions from the entire Baader salmon line. They’ll also lead the company’s subsequent digital engagement efforts.

The inaugural 10-episode season—with new instalments running every Thursday through December 10th on Baader Stream —will feature new products while showcasing innovations related to existing machinery, Schreiber promises.

The series premiers with a look at primary processing and an examination of the Baader harvesting solution. Stay tuned and join the first Salmon Session on Thursday, October 8th to learn more about how the Baader 101 ensures the highest standards of animal welfare and superior product quality. Product managers Bodo Hense and Dirk Runge will explore the solution from different viewpoints.

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