The COVID-19 pandemic required the world to quickly switch from in-person meetings to digital collaboration at a distance. To keep in touch with its customers in this new normal, Baader was eager to bolster its presence in the digital realm and kickstarted the Baader Digital 2020 project, an initiative that aims to increase engagement with its community online.

“This project will create different digital and virtual ‘worlds’ around our brand, products and services,” explains Julia Fuamba, global head of corporate communications at Baader. “This will enable us to invite our customers as well as our partners to a new digital space and even allow us to hold training sessions at a distance.”

Julia Fuamba, Global Head of Corporate Communications

The qualified sociologist with a focus on organizational development has been contributing her knowledge of corporate communications in international companies to Baader since the beginning of 2018. Her specialization in International Business and Sustainability gives us a subtle indication of what Baader might strive for more intensively in the near future.

Baader will launch two key pillars of the project today, October 1st:

  1. Baader Stream, a new streaming infotainment platform for the fish industry; and
  2. Salmon Sessions, a 10-episode series—plus a pilot—focusing on the entire Baader salmon processing line. This series will shine a light on processing equipment and solutions, as well as the company’s digital engagement. It will also include product enhancement, the launch of new products, service offerings, and more.

“With Salmon Sessions hosted on Baader Stream, we can address a dual need: to offer a broad portfolio of product presentations that pay justice to the quality of our machinery and to create a suitable place to host and watch these videos,” says Dennis Lohmann, head of product management for Baader’s fish unit.

Dennis Lohmann, Head of Product Management Fish

Starting his career with the company in 2007 as a programmer to kick-off a revisited fish processing project at Baader, Dennis became head of product management for the company’s fish unit within three years, taking on responsibility for the development and future planning of the entire Baader fish processing portfolio.

Format: Infotainment promoting product features and launches

New episodes of Salmon Sessions will run every Thursday through December 10th on Baader Stream. The sessions will use a lively, informative, and entertaining TV-style format—including live demonstrations at the Baader Technology Center in Lübeck, Germany.

Hosted by Chris Brow and Dennis Schreiber, Baader’s VP of sales and service for the company’s fish unit, each episode will focus on various aspects of superior salmon processing solutions. The episodes will feature more than 20 Baader experts who will present their knowledge and insights in a candid, personal way. From product managers like Dennis Lohmann to software and digitalization specialists, service and training experts, and—of course—mechanical, project, and sales engineers, the series will feature a variety of viewpoints.

Oliver Fuchs, Global Brand & Brand Communication Manager

The award-winning communication designer builds his creative ideas on over 25 years of experience in the consumer and B2B sector in international network agencies for advertising, branding, and live communication. BAADER has been relying on him since mid-2017, which led to an integration into the in-house team in 2019.

"A large part of the market value of our products, solutions, and services lies in the people who design, build, constantly rethink and improve them," explains Oliver Fuchs, global brand and brand communication manager at Baader. "Making these people and the value they bring to Baader through their expertise and passion visible and tangible is an important aspect of our brand image."

After each session, these Baader experts will dive deeper into the respective topics with further background information right here at IntraFish.

With new product launches and solution upgrades presented through mid-December, Baader will demonstrate its aim to improve the world’s food supply by creating products, solutions, and services that are setting new standards for food safety, sustainability, quality, animal welfare, maximum resource utilization, efficiency, and traceability.

Join the first Baader Salmon Session starting at 2 pm GMT+2 today, October 1st,on Baader Stream. Don’t miss the opportunity to stay tuned by subscribing to their newsletter.