Mowi Scotland has submitted an application to Argyll and Bute Council for a high-energy salmon farm to be located at North Kilbrannan, Kilbrannan Sound, Argyll and Bute.

The Kilbrannan proposal will hold a maximum of 2,475 metric tons of Atlantic salmon and create 7-10 direct jobs on site.

Mowi staff will access and service North Kilbrannan from Mowi’s shore base at the Carradale harbor, with facility improvements now in discussion.

The company has operated salmon farms at nearby Carradale for a decade.

“We are working with the harbor stakeholders and the community on a redevelopment project of the harbor which will benefit everyone,” said Shelley MacGillivray, data analyst at Mowi.

It is expected that the proposal will support more than 100 jobs within Scotland’s salmon aquaculture supply chain.

A Scottish Government report released in 2018 recommended aquaculture companies look to high-energy locations, for example deep water, exposed areas, strong currents, to grow production in a sustainable way.