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Nasdaq: Norwegian farmed salmon prices still not recovering

Prices have been hitting the lowest levels in years.

Norwegian farmed salmon prices dropped another 7.4 percent over the past week to NOK 42.79 (€4.30/$4.80) per kilogram, according to the latest Nasdaq figures.

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Prices are 13.4 percent lower than they were one month ago and about 29.4 percent lower than three months ago.

The slide was seen across all weight categories.

Prices for fish in the most popular category, the 4-5 kilo weight class, slid NOK 3.08 (€0.31/$0.34) to NOK 43.54 (€4.40/$4.90) per kilogram compared to the week prior.

The price for salmon in the 3-4 kilo weight class, the second most popular with a 31 percent market share, decreased NOK 2.39 (€0.24/$0.27) to NOK 40.59 (€4.10/$4.50) per kilo over the past week.

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