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Nasdaq: Salmon price slump continues

Farmed salmon prices remain down, but the market expects that to change later this week.

The average price of Norwegian farmed salmon remained relatively flat in week seven at NOK 54.94 (€5.65/$6.41), a less than one percent increase from the week before.

Compared to the same period a month ago, prices were also down 5.4 percent at NOK 5.40 (€0.56/$0.63). Prices however increased by 5 percent compared to a month ago, according to Nasdaq.

Prices stayed flat or slipped for major weight classes, although the industry is expecting spot prices to increase this week due to stormy weather.

Fish in the 4-5 kilo weight class, the most popular category with a nearly 32 percent market share, saw prices at NOK 55.74 (€5.73/$6.51), which was flat compared to the previous week. The 5-6 kilo weight, the second most popular category, saw prices at NOK 55.78 (€5.74/$6.51), which was slightly up compared to the previous week by NOK 0.17 (€0.01/$0.02).

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