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Nasdaq: Farmed salmon prices take minor dip in first week

Price inflections remain staid among major weight classes post-holiday.

The first week of 2019 saw farmed salmon prices dip slightly, sliding by NOK 0.63 (€0.06/$0.07) and recording an average price of NOK 65.11 (€6.67/$7.62) per kilo.

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These prices are a 14.3 percent jump from a month ago, according to Nasdaq.

Fish in the 4-5 kilo weight class, which accounted for nearly 30 percent of the total farmed salmon traded, sold at an average price of NOK 65.69 (€6.72/$7.68) per kilo.

This price per kilo was nearly flat compared with the week prior.

The second-most popular size, 3-4 kilograms, accounted for nearly 26 percent of the total market. These fish sold at average prices of NOK 62.94 (€6.44/$7.36) per kilo, down NOK 0.44 (€0.04/$0.05) per kilo on average week-on-week.

The biggest price dip was for fish sized 1-2 kilograms, which fell by NOK 9.47 (€0.97/$1.10) over the week.

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