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Norwegian salmon prices fall again

Producers have more fish to offer this week than they expected, but buyers are already well stocked.

With trades happening later and later every Friday, little has happened so far in the Norwegian salmon market, but the trend is negative, industry players told IntraFish.

"Currently, little is done, but the trend is negative, with price indications below NOK 50 (€5.20/$5.90) for the smallest weight classes," one buyer told IntraFish.

"There is pressure down for all sizes, especially 3-4 as it turns out," he said.

He believes that the farmers have had better biology and lower mortality than they expected this week.

"Therefore, they are approaching the biomass roof, and have to take out the fish at relatively low weights.

In addition, it seems that a lot of buyers have fish in stock," he said.

Another exporter is reporting prices of NOK 46 (€4.80/$5.50) to NOK 53 (€5.60/$6.30) per kg for sizes 3 to 6 kilo fish.

Based on feedback from five different sources, IntraFish was told of the following expected prices:

  • Sizes 3 to 4 kgs – NOK 46 (€4.80/$5.50) to NOK 50 (€5.20/$5.90) per kilo
  • Sizes 4 to 5 kgs – NOK 50 (€5.20/$5.90) to NOK 52 (€5.40/$6.20) per kilo
  • Sizes 5 to 6 kgs -- NOK 53 (€5.60/$6.30) to NOK 54 (€5.70/$6.40) per kilo
  • Sizes 6 kgs and above -- NOK 55 (€5.80/$6.50) to NOK 65 (€6.80/$7.70) per kilo
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