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Norway salmon prices see strong increase, but nobody understands why

It's been a strange week, says one European purchaser.

Prices for fresh salmon on the spot market are up by more than NOK 1 (€0.11/$0.12) per kilo across all weight classes, besides the largest, heading into next week, but no one is entirely sure why, industry players told IntraFish.

“With the exception of six kilos and above, prices for all weight classes are significantly increased,” one exporter told IntraFish.

“Nobody has any good explanation for why, but that’s how it is."

A European salmon buyer also confirmed the rise in prices.

“We were very surprised the farmers tried to raise prices, and even more surprised why the market accepted it," he said.

According to the buyer, there is nothing that would indicate a recovery, if anything it is the opposite.

"Some countries in Eastern Europe are closed for one day next week, then people may have already started shopping for Christmas, even if it's a bit early,” he said.

Buyers are reporting prices of around €5.50 ($6.20) per kilo, €6.40 ($7.30) per kilo and €6.50 ($7.40) per kilo for Northern Europe for sizes 3-4kg, 4-5kg and 5-6kg, respectively.

Another on the purchase side is reporting a "very strange price increase."

“This week was strange and today has been a strange day. One of the big producers suddenly increased the price by almost NOK 10 (€1/$1.2),” he said.

IntraFish was given the following prices:

  • Sizes 3 to 4 kilograms – NOK 55 (€5.80/$6.60) to NOK 56 (€5.90/$6.70) per kilo
  • Sizes 4 to 5 kilograms – NOK 57 (€6/$6.80) to NOK 58 (€6.10/$6.90) per kilo
  • Sizes 5 to 6 kilograms – NOK 60 (€6.30/$7.20) to NOK 61 (€6.40/$7.30) per kilo
  • Sizes 6 kilograms and above – NOK 65 (€6.80/$7.80) to NOK 68 (€7.20/$8.10) per kilo
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