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IntraFish Price Tracker Week 9: Norwegian salmon, Gulf shrimp prices ramping up

Prices of Norwegian farmed salmon also surge.

Prices for Norwegian salmon and gulf shrimp have been higher as of late.

Gulf of Mexico fishermen landed more than 1.9 million pounds of shrimp in January, less than half of the prior 16-year historic average for that month -- 4.1 million pounds -- as well as the lowest ever reported for a January since 2002, said the Southern Shrimp Alliance (SSA).

Dockside prices for U15 shrimp were $9.48 (€7.73) in the western Gulf, 11 percent higher than January last year.

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Norwegian salmon prices keep climbing

The Norwegian salmon market is uncertain at the moment. Some plants in the north of Norway are closed because of seasonal breaks, and cold temperatures are affecting fish growth.

One exporter said farmers are offering salmon at prices from NOK 66 (€6.90/$8.40) to NOK 72 (€7.50/$9.20) per kilo, depending on the size.

“But where are we going to sell the salmon for that price? Prices are rising only because the supply side has dried out,” he said.

"We are offered salmon at around NOK 70 (€7.30/$8.90) per kg, but have not bought anything yet," said another exporter.

The prices supplied to IntraFish by different players vary widely, but in general, prices are increasing for each weight class from 3-4 to 5-6 kilograms.

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Nasdaq: Norwegian salmon prices keep surging

Norwegian farmed salmon prices continued soaring in week eight, with average prices now hitting NOK 61.24 (€6.40/$7.80) per kilo -- more than 13 percent higher than they were a week ago, according to the latest figures from Nasdaq.

The average price during the week was up NOK 7.10 (€0.74/$0.90) per kilo compared with the week prior and up nearly 40 percent, or NOK 17.34 (€1.80/$2.20) per kilo higher, compared with 12 weeks ago.

Prices are now nearly 12 percent, or NOK 6.51 (€0.68/$0.83) per kilo on average higher than they were a month ago.

According to Nasdaq, all of the major weight classes across the board saw a jump during the week.

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