Seafood news continued to come thick and fast on IntraFish last week, with a wide range of geographies and species covered by our reporters.

NYC Seafood Investor Forum: We started publishing the presentations from the IntraFish NYC Seafood Investor Forum, which was held in May. Check out what Pareto Securities, Akva Group, Benchmark and Bakkafrost had to say. More will be released this week, so stay tuned.

Make sure to check out some of our videos from the event here.

Land-based salmon farming revolution: IntraFish is putting together an indepth report on the land-based Atlantic salmon farming movement and the first snippets started to reach our news site. Read up on one US producer's ambitious goals and check out this article on the plans of one Norwegian venture.

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Grieg mass mortalities: A major harmful algal bloom resulted in the loss of more than 50 percent of Grieg Seafood's biomass in British Columbia. Reporter Rachel Sapin caught up with CEO Andreas Kvame to speak about the massive die-off.

Innovate or die: That was the message Bolton Food Sustsainable Development Director Luciano Pirovano had for the global tuna industry when tackling key threats such as sustainability, commoditization and the perception of tuna products as an "old-fashioned category."

Nutreco: The Dutch feed giant had two major announcements last week. Long-standing CEO Knut Nesse will leave the company in October this year. The company also said it entered a .

All eyes on Brazil: News from the Latin American country continued to dominate the news last week. Ecuador threatened to take the Brazilian shrimp battle to the WTO; tilapia producer GeneSeas is planning to nearly double production in 2019, and we've got some tips on how to take advantage of Brazil's evolving retail seafood market.

Brexit reality check: The United Kingdom is "a long way from self-sufficiency" in seafood, wrote Senior Reporter Dominic Welling after attending a conference last Thursday.


But that's just a small taster of what happened on IntraFish last week -- take a look at our full list of Editor's Picks for the week for more insight to start your week.