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IntraFish ranks seafood's biggest brands

Exclusive branding report produced in collaboration with marketing gurus at The Food Group.

What makes a great seafood brand?

Of course, the product itself has to be top quality, tasty and offer value to consumers. But what about the brand itself -- its logo, packaging, web presence, consumer outreach -- all of those critical elements that go beyond the product itself but which are critical to growing a brand and carving out a niche in the hyper competitive consumer market?

Bumble Bee, Birds Eye, Young’s, Gorton’s – these are just a few of the world leading seafood brands that have endured the test of time and continue to thrive today. And each provides insight into what it takes to become a top branded seafood company – insight you can use to improve your seafood brand.

In this exclusive report, IntraFish, in partnership with world leading branding experts The Food Group, examines and ranks 20 of the world’s leading seafood brands and provides an analysis of what it takes to build a successful global seafood brand. The Food Group has helped build some of the world’s most iconic food brands, products and businesses, including Kraft, Tabasco, Delmonte and Dannon. It also knows seafood; it has worked with the Norwegian Seafood Export Council, Regal Springs, Luke’s Lobster and the Gulf Coast marketing board.

This exclusive seafood branding evaluation includes an analysis of each company’s logo and its public image and product communication as expressed through its web site and other consumer outreach.

The Food Group team of brand experts, using a customized methodology, measured key aspects of each company’s web site and logo, as each pertains to the creation, perception and effectiveness of its brand. In addition, The Food Group experts have aggregated these 20 specific company analyses to create a never-before-done macro look at the attributes of effective/successful seafood branding.

This groundbreaking macro analysis can help any seafood company measure its branding effectiveness against the world’s top seafood brands.

Read more about the report and order your copy here.

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