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Fried chicken chain expands seafood menu for Lent

Church's Chicken has more than 1,650 locations.

Atlanta, Georgia-based Church's Chicken is joining the Lenten train, announcing it will offer a limited-time Lent-friendly menu.

Starting Feb. 8, the menu will include lemon-seasoned butterfly shrimp and crispy fish.

Guests can order a meal that includes eight lemon seasoned butterfly shrimp or two lemon seasoned crispy fish fillets plus a small order of fries and three hush puppy biscuit bites.

A Family Fish Fry offering will come with eight crispy fish fillets, a family-size order of fries and 12 hush puppy biscuit bites.

The company has more than 1,650 locations in 25 countries and international territories and system-wide sales of more than $1 billion (€885.3 million).

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