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Faroese salmon farmers not troubled by seal theft

Only 100 seals meet their end at the hands of the sector.

Every year producers find seals trying to help themselves to salmon farm livestock on the Faroe Islands, but as of yet, marine biologists don't have a clear picture of just how big the population is, or their full impact on the sector.

Bjarni Mikkelsen, biologist at the Biological Institute on the Faroe Islands, wrote in an article published on the research institution Fiskaaling’s website that the extent of the problem is not likely very big.

Mikkelsen occasionally hears from producers troubled by seals, but that it does not appear to any great problem.

Previously there was seal hunting on the Faroe Islands, but this ceased a number of years ago. It is not known how that affected stock numbers.

"It’s highly unlikely that seals are a big problem. At the same time people are cautious, and don’t shoot just for the sake of shooting,” said Mikkelsen.

"The time seals are a problem is when young seals stray into a marine farming area on the hunt for a quick feed," said Mikkelsen.

Mikkelsen estimates around 100 seals are slaughtered each year by the salmon farming sector.

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