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What does the future hold for China's aquaculture sector?

Quantity is no longer enough -- the country is at a critical crossroads that will shape the industry's future, and the globe's seafood trade.

It’s the world’s leading producer of seafood and the only country where aquaculture production exceeds wild catch.

But rising costs, worsening water pollution and quality issues have weakened the competitiveness of China’s aquaculture output, prompting the country’s agriculture ministry to attempt to improve efficiencies and productivity in the sector.

Competition from its neighbors, a reliance on imported broodstock and an extremely fragmented industry are barriers to a more sustainable sector, but China also has some model companies and a government with the importance of aquaculture firmly on its radar.

In IntraFish's latest industry report, we go in-depth on these challenges and examine the approaches being taken to solve them.

We also profile the top 20 key players in shrimp and tilapia production and present key stats on production and markets.

Researched and written by a Mandarin-speaking financial journalist exclusively for IntraFish, this report is essential reading for anyone producing, investing in or supplying to or buying from the aquaculture sector, anywhere in the world.

Chinese Aquaculture 2015 is OUT NOW, so click here to read more and get your copy.

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