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Japanese seafood consumption continues to slide

IntraFish industry report examines the drivers behind this, and other major trends affecting one of the world's most valuable seafood markets.

Seafood has been part of the Japanese diet for centuries.

The country consumes more seafood than any other major industrialized nation, but figures dropped 22 percent in the last decade. Per-capita seafood consumption reached 48.8 kilos in 2013, which pales in comparison to a peak of 72.5 kilos in 1988.

What factors are behind this decline and how will it impact the future of the Japanese seafood market?

Find the answers to these questions in Japan: Supply, demand and influencing forces report produced by IntraFish.

In it, you will find indepth information on the sector and its main players and challenges, along with analysis and statistics revealing the next steps for the world’s 20 largest importers.

Also included:

• Trends affecting the market: economy, population, sales channels.

• Key statistics: import species by volume and value; top importing countries by volume and value; month by month consumption values; regional consumption; sales channels by volume and value.

• The top 20 seafood importers in Japan, listing company name, key contact and contact details, species, sourcing/distribution channels and background information.

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