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Canadian seafood industry creates NFI-style 'Future Leaders Program'

Career development program aimed at emerging leaders in the seafood sector.

The Fisheries Council of Canada (FCC) on Monday launched a leadership program to enhance industry knowledge and leadership skills in government relations, production, sales, marketing and the overall seafood community.

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Created in partnership with the National Fisheries Institute (NFI), the Future Leaders Canada program aims to develop emerging leaders in the Canadian seafood industry through networking, programming and unique experiences along the supply chain.

“The gap NFI filled in US fish and seafood sector exists in Canada,” said FCC president Paul Lansbergen. “The time is right to launch a similar program here.”

The program seeks to expose participants to the various aspects of the seafood industry and facilitates opportunities for networking with classmates.

In addition to facility tours, students will get the opportunity to interact with different audiences that affect business decisions in the seafood industry.

For example, the curriculum includes opportunities to interact with parliamentarians and government officials who make legislative and regulatory decisions.

Students will also get a chance to learn about how customers such as retailers and restaurants operate and what influences their buying decisions.

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