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New report: Breaking into France's dynamic seafood market

One of Europe's strongest seafood markets, France is seeing increased consumption and changing demographics.

The French seafood market is one of the most dynamic and important markets in Europe. But while much of the market clings to seafood traditions, other critical segments of the market are changing.

Consumption of seafood in this nation of 66 million is 34 kilograms per capita, up from 30 kilograms in 2000.

France ranks third in seafood consumption in Europe, behind Spain (45kg) and Portugal (56kg) and well above the European average of 25kg per capita.

France is and will remain one of Europe’s strongest seafood markets, but like other areas in Europe it will need to adjust to changing consumer dynamics and demographics.

The exclusive IntraFish “France Seafood Report” provides insight into changing demographics and trends transforming France’s seafood market and offers suppliers and buyers strategies for navigating the coming changes.

Among other insight, the report provides:

  • Overview of macro-trends affecting retail purchasing in France
  • Analysis of aquaculture production
  • Overview of wild fisheries production
  • Detailed analysis of seafood consumption in France
  • Detailed trade analysis
  • Review of sustainable seafood efforts in the French market
  • Overview of private-label sales
  • Analysis of France's lucrative surimi market
  • Analysis of the rise of cod in the French market
  • Review of France's salmon, sardine and shrimp markets

Click here to learn more or to purchase the report.

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