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Court drops antitrust lawsuit against Pacific Seafood

Judge said plaintiffs failed to prove that Pacific Seafood's proposed acquisition would create a monopoly for that company.

US District Judge Michael McShane dropped a lawsuit Thursday and sided with Pacific Seafood Group in an antitrust lawsuit filed by several commercial fishermen alleging the company seeks to monopolize the West Coast market for trawl-caught groundfish, onshore whiting and coldwater shrimp.

Judge dismisses suit alleging Pacific Seafood, Trident Seafood monopoly

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The fishermen sued Pacific Seafood and more than 50 other businesses owned in whole or part by defendants Frank Dulcich and Dulcich, Inc. in hopes of stopping Pacific Seafood from acquiring more ownership in Ocean Gold Seafoods and its affiliates.

Pacific Seafood currently owns about a third of Ocean Gold. Francis Miller, Sherry Miller, Jacquelyn Rydman and Mark Rydman, who collectively own about 48 percent of Ocean Gold, intervened as defendants.

Plaintiffs -- Jeff Boardman, Dennis Rankin, Lloyd Whaley and MV Fisheries -- filed the lawsuit back in January 2015 when Pacific notified plaintiffs of its proposed acquisition of Ocean Gold.

However, Pacific Seafood argued it does not participate in the relevant markets, which the judge agreed with.

This is another victory for Pacific Seafood as the company got another antitrust lawsuit dropped recently.

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