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IntraFish Special Report: How will Brexit impact seafood?

Exclusive IntraFish report drills down on the possible implications on trade, fishing, processing and consumer sales of the UK's messy divorce from the European Union.

The UK has put itself in a unique position as being the first to leave the modern day EU. What it means for the seafood industry is, like every other aspect of the country’s exit terms, unclear. But it is increasingly likely that whatever deal is reached will have a large and possibly detrimental impact on parts of the country’s seafood industry.

This special report -- available FREE to IntraFish All-Access subscribers -- is compiled from IntraFish's broad and indepth coverage on the subject, and gives transparency to some of the key issues that will be impacted by whatever divorce settlement is reached including:

  • Trade: The UK is in the unusual position of exporting the majority of its landings and importing the majority of what it consumes.
  • Fishing: The long-neglected fishing sector is back on the UK government’s political agenda.
  • Legislation: There is so much EU fisheries regulation now in place that it ’s going to take a long time to transfer it into English law after Britain leaves the Union.
  • Processing: The UK's fish processing sector is the biggest in Europe -- will this give it leverage to take advantage when the new status quo comes into play?
  • Consumption: Could potentially higher prices for imported seafood see Brits swapping shrimp for chicken? Or will consumers adapt to eat locally landed species?

If you are an IntraFish subscriber you can click here to get your copy of the report for FREE, and you can follow our ongoing Brexit coverage here.

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