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Week in Review: Seafood consumption, China show coverage and eye-popping earnings

Get caught up on some of last week's key headlines.

Hello readers,

A quick recap of the week coming your way.

China, front and center: Last week, we brought you onto the doorstep of the Chinese seafood market, with on-the-ground coverage from Rachel Mutter, Kim Tran and Lola Navarro. Read the blog here .

Mixed news: US seafood consumption numbers came out last week , and showed a not-so-great picture, but a new report on the European Union showed more promising statistics.

No surprise here: Marine Harvest posted yet another record quarterly profit . It's likely we'll see similar strong numbers when other results begin rolling in over the next couple weeks.

Green means go: Norway's new 'traffic light' salmon production scheme went into effect -- find out what that will mean for farmed salmon growth.

Doctor's orders: New consumer research shows consumers are increasingly hungry for fish because it's good for them.

What a deal!China Fishery's Peruvian assets can be yours for the low, low price of $1.2 billion, according to the trustee running the sale. Good luck on that.

Plus: Is farmed salmon the next social media victim? John Fiorillo fears it may be.

Have a great week!


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