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Which are the largest seafood companies in the US?

New report lists 23 seafood suppliers whose combined annual revenue surpasses $16 billion.

The US seafood market is one of the largest in the world, and it is estimated consumers in 2015 spent $96 billion (€89.3 billion) for fishery products at foodservice and retail.

But who are the largest players in the sector?

IntraFish’s exclusive new report -- The United States Seafood Market – has a comprehensive list profiling the market's biggest companies..

Ranging from annual revenues of $2.1 billion (€2 billion) down to $195 million (€181.5 million), the list gives an important insight into the who’s who of US seafood right now.

In addition, the new report also highlights the top 10 US seafood restaurant chains by revenue, ranging from Red Lobster with $2.4 billion (€2.2 billion) down to Chart House with $125 million (€116.3 million) per year.

But this is just a small snapshot of what the 74-page report covers.

This in-depth report reveals the current trends in protein production, goes into detail on the US supply chain, looks at trends in retail and foodservice for different species, and details the industry's biggest product trends, amongst other things.

If you are selling to, trading in or investing in the US seafood market, this report is a must-have.

For more info and to buy your copy, go to our reports page, or contact us here.


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