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FishWise launches updated sustainability white papers

The papers focus on social responsibility and traceability throughout the supply chain.

Sustainable seafood consultancy FishWise released two updated white papers aimed at improving sustainability and social responsibility throughout seafood supply chains.

The first white paper, Social Responsibility in the Global Seafood Industry outlines the drivers of human rights and labor abuses, identifies social responsibility resources for businesses, and provides information on key legislation and initiatives.

It contains summaries of new social responsibility initiatives as well as contact information that can help companies, NGOs, and other groups working to prevent labor risks connect and collaborate.

“Collaboration is critical because no one government, company, or NGO has the influence to eliminate human rights abuses on their own,” said Mariah Boyle, Traceability Division Director at FishWise. “It will take an organized and sustained effort across sectors to achieve meaningful improvements.”

FishWise’s updated traceability white paper, Advancing Traceability in the Seafood Industry, echoes the call for ongoing collaboration and highlights many key traceability initiatives, and outlines next steps all types of businesses can take to improve their traceability practices.  


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