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Outlook 2017: Parlevliet & Van der Plas CEO Diek Parlevliet

The biggest impact for the New Year? That's going to be Brexit, top exec at quiet Dutch giant warns.

Dutch fishing firm Parlevliet & Van der Plas (P&P), with annual sales of around $1 billion, diversified its activities in the past few years.

Almost exactly three years ago, the group snapped up bankrupt shrimp supplier Heiploeg, which according to CEO Diek Parlevliet was a perfect fit to P&P's operations.

Last year, it made another addition to its operations, with the acquisition of French tuna firm Française du Thon Océanique (CFTO), a deal it announced in May.

According to Parlevliet, there is going to be one big x-factor to the group's future operations this year.

What were the most significant developments for your business in the seafood industry in 2016?

Brexit was a surprise and can hurt our future business both in fishing and sales.

The other big development for us was the purchase of the French tuna fishing company Compagnie CFTO, which was completed in July.

The deal added 14 purse seiner vessels to our fleet.

Looking ahead, what will be the most important developments in 2017?

The preparations and outcome of the Brexit talks between the United Kingdom, the EU member states and the European Commission.

In general, we'll be focusing on new product innovation for the year.


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