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NFI welcomes US-China trade truce

US and Chinese leaders reached an apparent agreement at the weekend.

The National Fisheries Institute (NFI) welcomed the suspension of trade tariffs between China and the US after the two countries agreed to halt the imposition of higher tariffs on Chinese imports.

Trump's trade war could price Alaska seafood out of China, experts warn

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Seafood exports to China and seafood imports from China both play and important role in growing and maintaining US jobs, said NFI President John Connelly.

"The growing middle class in China is an important export market for US seafood products. At the same time, raw material from China fuels production of finished seafood products here," he said. "When it comes to seafood, the relationship between the US and China has historically been symbiotic. Tariffs damage that partnership.

"The latest assurance from the administration that both sides are actively engaged in working towards a solution is beneficial to managing, maintaining and growing seafood businesses. Whether it's imports or exports the jobs impacted are here in the US."

Connelly adds that NFI would also like to see a commitment from China to pause or reduce the 25 percent tariffs they have already placed on US seafood exports.

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