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VIDEO: The future of retail

The ultimate in traceability and convenience are the foundations of Alibaba's new grocery stores in China.

Alibaba offers a tour of one of its new Hema Supermarkets in Shanghai, showing how online and offline shopping are merged into a seamless “new retail” experience.

Alibaba President Michael Evans spoke at the North Atlantic Seafood Forum earlier this month, outlining to an audience of seafood executives, the opportunities "new retail" offers.

Alibaba's online platforms have 580 million active consumers daily, and more than 10 million active merchants. With a turnover of $547 billion annually, Alibaba sends out 60 million packages every day.

These trends are going to be significant for businesses around the world and improvements in the supply chain enables companies to send their fresh or live seafood to the country without impacting the quality of products, said Evans.

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