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Portuguese cod producer launches new boneless products

The company will expand into markets with a more consumer friendly range.

Portuguese cod producer Riberalves plans to launch a range of boneless products targeting the domestic and export markets by the end of 2018.

"We have to see new cod formats for markets where consumers don't like bones," Bernado Alves, head of administration at Riberalves, told IntraFish.

New products will be added to existing lines of cod loins, steaks and shredded fish that are sold as premium products in Brazilian supermarkets.

Riberalves processes 30,000 metric tons of cod every year from 100,000 metric tons of live weight fish. The company says it accounts for between 8 percent to10 percent of the world's cod catches.

The company's sales run to €145 million ($179 million), split evenly between retail and foodservice customers. Sixty-five percent of sales are made in Portugal.

Riberalves annually ships 3,500 metric tons to Brazil, accounting for 25 percent of export sales. Angola, France, Luxembourg and Switzerland are also important markets.

As it celebrates its 30th birthday, Riberalves is stepping up its promotional activities, sponsoring this year for the first time 'Peixe em Lisboã', Portugal's foremost seafood-focused gastronomic trade show, taking place April 5 to April 15.

The company will also have a stand at the APAS retail fair in May in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Christmas remains the most important time of the year for Riberalves, with 30 percent of sales done during the festive period in Brazil and 25 percent at Easter.

Riberalves employs 500 workers. The company opened the world's largest cod processing plant in 2002, located 70km south of its Lisbon headquarters, where the traditional curing process lasts up to a year.

Eight years later Riberalves was awarded Marine Stewardship Council certification for its products.

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