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Foodservice recovery a gateway to Brazilian consumers

Brazilian seafood companies are seeing a surge in foodservice sales as demand for Asian food gives them a new avenue.

Asian eateries in São Paulo have grown in recent years to outnumber the city's renowned meat-fest barbecue restaurants as traditional eating habits give way to a new wave of demand.

Geneseas to expand plant, farming operations with new capital

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One producer cashing in on this development is Brazilian tilapia producer GeneSeas, who has succeeded in making tilapia more popular in South America's largest city of 17 million inhabitants by using salmon as a gateway to a network of buyers in 300 Asian establishments.

Other producers are also making the most of the market.

Recife-based Noronha Pescados, which is launching a range of pink Amazonian shrimp and Alaska pollock fillet to restaurants, gets half of its income from the dining industry.

"Sales are uneven throughout the year; retailers sell more during the Easter period than at any other time," Noronha Pescados CEO Guilherme de Abreu Blanke said.

Processors expect foodservice will be among the first areas to see businesses pick up as Brazil emerges from recession, with many Brazilian consumers' first experience of eating seafood happening outside the home.


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