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Salmon the 'Steady Eddie' of US seafood market

Unlike other seafood, consistency is salmon's trademark in US retail sales.

Salmon accounts for around 45.5 percent of US seafood sales at retail with the average US grocery store selling $1,188 (€1,113) worth of salmon per week, according to figures from Nielsen Perishables Group and published in IntraFish's exclusive new report on the US seafood market.

US smoked salmon sector feeling sting of high raw material prices

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Sales are also pretty consistent throughout the year, which is an unusual trait for seafood on the US market, which usually peaks around Christmas and Lent.

Salmon sales are also fairly balanced geographically, with the west of the country taking just a small lead at 20.3 percent of sales, followed by the central region at 17.4 percent, the east at 16.4 percent and the south at 14 percent.

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