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Farmed Cod

Noway’s cod farming industry leads the world.

The relatively young industry represents a breakthrough in aquaculture development, and there are high hopes throughout the seafood industry for its success.

While it does not remotely rival Norway’s world-leading salmon farming industry, cod farming does present an exciting new aquaculture frontier many feel has great potential.

The cod farming industry has progressed since the last IntraFish report on the sector published almost two years ago.

Production and slaughter volumes have increased, which is important not only for ensuring a more regular supply to the market but also for cutting production cost.

At the same time, there continues to be obstacles preventing companies from boosting production significantly.

A lack of capital, disease and other biological challenges, the global financial crisis, and high costs are major challenges facing the industry.

The 2009 IntraFish Cod Report offers a comprehensive overview of this sector’s current condition, complete with the most recent production volumes for dozens of Norway’s leading cod farming firms, production forecasts for 2009, and financial information for and rankings of the top companies in the sector.


The report includes:

  • A ranking of companies based on slaughter volume in 2008
  • Export and price statistics
  • Overview of how many juvenile cod companies are planting for harvest in coming years
  • An overview of production by region and company in Norway
  • The financial results for a selection of leading cod farming companies.
  • Interviews with industry-leading executives, who share their predictions for cod  farming in 2009 and beyond.
  • An examination of the costs of production and ways to lower these costs.
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