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Peru announces new anchovy fishing tariff

It is hoped new rate will contribute $34 million to fisheries research and monitoring.

Peru's Ministry of Production (Produce) set a new anchovy fishing tariff of 0.54 percent per free on board (FOB) metric ton of anchovy harvested.

The new rate will raise more than PEN 112 million (€30.2 million/$34.0 million) per year to finance research, monitoring, surveillance, control and fisheries development.

The ministry noted that unlike the previous two years, where the rates varied if a certain volume of landings was exceeded, now a fixed rate has been established for each metric ton landed.

Half of the proceeds will go to the fishing canon and the other 50 percent to Produce -- double what was registered in previous years.

These changes will not affect the sustainability, competitiveness or profitability of the fishing business, since the proposed rate represents only 25 percent of the income generated by the extraction of the resource after covering all its extraction costs and the distribution of its profits, said Produce.

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