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MSC launches public consultation on certification components

The result of the reviews could change MSC's requirements from 2020.

The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) is calling on stakeholders to offer their feedback on three components of its standard’s certification process during a 60-day consultation.

MSC, ASC labels gaining more traction in European markets

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The first criteria under public review is “conditions,” which lays out the conditions given to fisheries who meet the MSC's basic standards but not the best practice standards seeking to continue their certified status.

The other two components under review are “addressing disagreement with expert judgement” and “expedited audits.”

In the addressing disagreements section, the MSC is asking stakeholders to give proposals on how to address areas on which scientists, conformity assessment bodies and peer reviewers do not agree, including submitting statements and exploring arbitration mechanisms.

The expedited audit consultation seeks to review mechanisms to conduct audits outside the regular schedule when new information about a fishery comes up.

All three consultations close on April 3, and any resulting changes to the MSC’s requirements will be released in 2020.

Last week, the MSC announced that will suspend its certification of the North East Atlantic mackerel fishery on March 2.

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