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Austevoll CEO expects good anchovy fishing quota in Peru

Peru's fisheries officials are expected to announce the start of the season and quota this week.

Norwegian fishing giant Austevoll expects Peru's Ministry of Production (Produce) to set a "good quota" for the second anchovy fishing season in the North-central area of the Peruvian sea.

“After four tough years from 2013 to 2017, we finally had a very good first half this year in Peru” Austevoll CEO Arne Mogster told IntraFish.

“It seems like conditions are back to normal and we are excited to know the next season quota. We think it will be a very good year this year, and we’re about to receive the information on the next season; we think it will be good.”

Peru allocated a quota of 3.3 million metric tons for the first fishing season, which ran from April 12 through Aug. 12, and ended at 95 percent utilization.

This was an 18 percent increase in quota from the year before, and a significant increase in total allowable catch (TAC) compared with previous seasons, showing an improvement in fishing conditions and biomass dispersion.

Produce Minister Raul Perez-Reyes said the ministry will soon announce the start of the second fishing season and the allocated quota, based on a report handed by the Instituto del Mar del Peru (Imarpe).

It is still too early to know what impact the yet-to-be-set quota will have on fish meal and fish oil prices.

“If it is a very high quota, of course, it will affect prices, but if it is a normal quota we should continue to see the prices we are seeing today,” Mogster said.

“Prices over the second quarter were quite high despite the high quota.”

An extremely good demand in China has driven the prices of fish meal up, he said.

Austevoll reported high production of fish oil so far this year in its financial results.

“This is due to the high quota of the first season and very good yield. There was also some correction in prices compared with the year before. The prices of fish oil will depend on the next quota and the yield,” Mogster told IntraFish.

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