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Peru's juvenile anchovy population down to 30%, researchers say

Stocks are redistributed due to oceanographic changes, says Imarpe.

The Instituto del Mar de Peru (Imarpe) said the presence of juvenile in stocks found after the reopening of the fishing season is at 30 percent, reports El Economista.

Renato Guevara, scientific director of Imarpe, said oceanographic conditions have changed since November, redistributing fish stocks, remarking that adult biomass was already present when the season was first open.

“There are circumstances in which we can easily find adults and others in which we can’t,” said Guevara.

At least one area, off the coast of Chimbote, was closed after the first day of the new season, due to high findings of juveniles. The exploratory fishing period will extend through Thursday, after which Imarpe will evaluate catch results to determine if further fishing should continue.

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