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Second Peruvian anchovy season resumes

Officials announced opening after positive findings on biomass, but remain highly cautious.

Peruvian regulators on Friday announced the second anchovy harvesting season in the north-central zone would resume Sunday, with a five-day exploratory opening.

The Pervuian Ministry of Production's (Produce) announcement is the first hopeful sign in weeks that the full season may take place after more than a month delay.

Peruvian anchovy TAC not expected to cause massive market shifts

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The decision came after test fishing results carried out in late December showed higher distribution of adult anchovy, Produce said.

Fifty-two percent of the test catch was an adult population, which is equivalent to around 68.5 percent of the anchovy biomass, according to the Marine Institute of Peru (Imarpe).

Produce announced a lower-than-expected quota of 1.49 million metric tons in November.

If full harvesting resumes, the season would still face closure if the catch of juveniles reaches a ceiling set by Imarpe.

Just 6,000 metric tons of anchovy were harvested by the industrial sector when Produce shut down the second season in November, El Comercio reported.

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