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How will feed shape the future of aquaculture?

Top execs on industry frontlines will come together to discuss one of aquaculture's most pressing challenges at IntraFish's Seafood Investor Forum in New York City.

Feed costs have long been the highest overhead for any aquaculture operation and as the industry grows, key, finite ingredients are only likely to increase in price.

However, potentially groundbreaking developments are being made in the field of feed research that could change the shape of aquaculture's future.

Executives on the frontline of aquaculture and feed will come together to discuss what this future will look like at IntraFish's Seafood Investor Forum in New York next week.

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A morning panel will kick off the forum where Lynsey Wenger, CFO at Calysta; Ricardo Garcia, CEO at Salmones Camanchaca; Carlos Diaz, CEO at BioMar and Peter Bergstrom, International Business Manager at ADM Animal Nutrition, will speak from their vast experience on how changes in fish feed are driving innovation and profitability.

The forum will also bring together top investment executives including:

Kristoffer Jordheim, Pareto Securities

Carl-Emil Johannessen, Analyst

Dawid Heyl, Analyst, Investec

Kjetil Haga, Broodstock Capital

Thor Arne Talseth, Amerra Capital

In addition, top analysts from IntraFish partner Pareto Securities will offer their insight into the sector.

The event, held May 23 at The Harvard Club in New York City, will showcase a full day of panel debates, presentations and unrivalled networking opportunities.

It's a room full of insight possibility -- don't miss your chance to make a connection that will drive your business forward.

In addition to seafood investments and feed panel discussions, the forum will feature debate on the future of salmon farming.

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