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Biomar's Henrik Aarestrup joins line-up at IntraFish Qingdao event

The feed sector veteran will speak on Chinese consumer demand for sustainable shrimp.

Henrik Aarestrup, VP emerging markets for feed producer BioMar will join the all-star lineup at IntraFish's Qingdao Leadership Luncheon in China next week.

Aarestrup has been working in international marketing and business development for more than two decades. He combines a profound knowledge of both consumer and business-to-business marketing and strategy in very different cultural contexts.

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He has held the position of VP emerging markets at BioMar since 2016 and has responsibility of driving new business activities in Asia and south & central America, including production units in China, Ecuador and Costa Rica.

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He will speak at the luncheon, held in conjunction with the Sustainable Shrimp Partnership (SSP), on the subject of Chinese consumer demand for sustainable shrimp and what opportunities there are in the market.

Aarestrup will speak alongside Win-Chain's John Liu, Chang International's Jerry Chang and SSP's Jose-Antonio Camposano and Avrim Lazar.

The free event, held adjacent to the China Fisheries & Seafood Show is not to be missed. So hurry and sign up. There are just a few seats left.

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