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Seafood Summit Brazil blog: Politics, opportunities and challenges

Updates from the capital Brasilia as the great and the good from the Brazilian seafood industry gather to do business and discuss the sector's outlook.

Friday, Aug. 31, 3.00 am BRT

EU official silent on resuming Brazil seafood imports

The Brazilian seafood industry remains in the dark about when shipments to the European Union (EU) will resume after an official sidestepped questions from delegates at the event.

"I don't know the date of the restart," said Rudi Ludovino, counselor to the European Union delegation in Brazil.

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Thursday, Aug. 30, 4.00 pm BRT

Brazil rejects Ecuador shrimp protectionism charge

Brazil is not deliberately barring Ecuadorian shrimp or other countries' seafood to protect its own industries and markets, the country's most senior government official with responsibility for the policy told IntraFish in an exclusive interview.

Davyson Franklin da Souza, secretary of the Fisheries and Aquaculture Secretariat, which has direct links to Brazil's presidency, said authorities are legally bound to follow recent judicial rulings in favor of Brazilian shrimp breeders association (ABCC).

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Thursday, Aug. 30, 10:05 am BRT

Weak currency means a wealth of opportunities

The weakness of the Brazilian real currency against the euro presents a wealth of opportunities for Brazil's seafood sector, said Rudi Ludovino Counsel to the European Union delegation in Brazil.

Traceability of products in Brazil lags behind the 'farm to fork' system that characterizes food production and consumption in the EU, Ludivino said.

Brazilian seafood products are currently shut out of the EU market after criticism of some of the practices deployed at processing plants in Brazil.


Thursday, Aug. 30, 09:40 am BRT

Chile has work to do to tackle illegal fishing

Chile has currently 16 fisheries in a state of overexploitation or collapse, said José Miguel Burgos.

The former national director of SERNAPESCA, Chile national fisheries and aquaculture service, outlined his country's strategy to combat illegal fishing to conference delegates.

He also talked up for native South American aquaculture species including tambaqui, pacu and piracucu.


Thursday, Aug. 30, 8.55 am BRT

Government wants integrated industry approach

117ce81a2a62b46e5209c7d8e8a6579f Davison Sousa. Davison Sousa. Photo: IntraFish

The seafood industry needs to take an integrated approach to its development and that of the domestic market said Davyson Franklin da Souza, head of Brazil's Special Aquaculture and Fisheries Secretariat, a government department created to oversee the sectors with direct links to the presidency.


Wednesday, Aug. 29, 9.00 pm BRT

Duties scupper wild shrimp exports

Brazil's wild shrimp exports to the EU have ground to a halt in the face of the EU's ban on imports, an off the record source told IntraFish this evening.

Exports are small at 700 to 1,000 metric tons, but are already dwindling in the face of duties.


Wednesday, Aug. 29, 8.50 pm BRT

A call to action

2613db66b27f68b7d42e854d41ee4715 Abipesca President Thiago di Luca gives his opening address at Seafood Summit Brazil. Photo: John Evans/IntraFish

Thiago di Luca, president of Brazilian Seafood Processors Association (ABIPESCA), called on the private and public sectors, processors and academia to join together to make the industry a success at the summit's opening ceremony this evening.

"We need to unite." he said highlighting that the industry is passing through one of its toughest periods with the Brazilian real currency at its third lowest rate in history.


Wednesday, Aug. 29, 7.00 pm BRT

Welcome to Brasilia!

IntraFish is in the Brazilian capital Brasilia at the inaugural Seafood Summit Brazil, organized by seafood trade association Abipesca.

During the next two days we will be bringing you full coverage of the conference plus exclusive interviews with some of the top executives who are here.

So keep checking back!

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