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Report: What species are driving Eastern Europe's aquaculture sector?

Apart from the vast quantities of salmon and whitefish being processed in Eastern Europe, which other species are being produced?

Rainbow trout is one of the most commonly produced and consumed species in the countries surveyed in IntraFish's latest industry report, closely following carp. Poland, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovakia and Lithuania all produce considerable amounts of the fish, mainly destined for their own domestic markets or other Eastern European countries.

It is a hardy fish that is easy to spawn, fast-growing and tolerant to a wide range of environments and handling. The species can withstand vast ranges of temperature variation (0-27 degrees Celsius), but spawning and growth occurs in a narrower range (9-14 degrees Celsius).


IntraFish's Eastern Europe Seafood Industry report examines the trends influencing both the markets and production of one of the world's most interesting industrial regions. It also looks at the species coming out of key countries and at the biggest companies operating in the region. For more info click here.

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