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New Zealand King Salmon applies for offshore farming permits

The company plans to farm 4,000 metric tons of salmon in the open ocean.

Salmon farmer New Zealand King Salmon applied for offshore farming licenses in the north of Marlborough, reports Scoop Business.

The company plans to build an offshore farm with the potential to grow 4,000 metric tons of king salmon, about twice the output of its largest existing coastal farm.

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“This is an incredibly exciting opportunity for our company, our region, and the aquaculture industry,” said Grant Rosewarne, New Zealand King Salmon CEO.

“We’ve named our first open-ocean farming project Blue Endeavour to signify the future-focused strategy we’re putting in place to harness the ocean’s potential in a sustainable way.”

The company is calling the pens on these farms sea ranges due to their dimensions.

The company hopes the first salmon stocks can be introduced at the end of 2020 or the start of 2021, with harvest following 12-18 months later.

The project is still subject to approval.

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