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Russian land-based salmon farm breaks ground

Site expected to be on line by 2020.

Construction of a 2,500-metric-tons salmon farm has been launched in Russia's northwest Vologda region, reports.

The site is scheduled to be ready to begin production in 2020.

Aquaproduct, the company building the fish farm, is also planning a second farm capable of producing 5,000 metric tons, as well as a fish processing plant and a feed production plant, the report said.

The site is 13th fish farm under development in the Vologda region, where the total volume of aquaculture products produced last year, including saleable fish and fish stock, was just 174 metric tons.

The target for 2019 is at least 300 metric tons of fish. Next year the figure is expected to reach 1,000 metric tons.

Aquaculture in the region could find itself higher up the Russian government's list of priorities, given abundant water resources, as well as favorable transport infrastructure and climatic conditions.

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