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BioMar hails breakthrough in lice-eating fish feed

The feed giant touts success in eliminating lumpfish cataracts with new diet.

Danish feed giant BioMar has succeeded in eliminating cataracts in lumpfish with a new feed diet.

Highly anticipated study may hold answers to Alaska hatchery debate

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Lumpfish, also known as cleanerfish, are increasingly being deployed as one alternative to chemical treatments for sea lice, or as part of a "toolbox" of measures to combat the scourge of the salmon farming industry.

Some salmon producers now produce their own lumpfish.


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Cataracts are an a common eye condition in lumpfish affecting between 60-100 percent of their numbers.

Lumpfish with severe cataracts have difficulty in identifying and consuming nutrients, including salmon lice, which costs the global industry close to $1 billion (€895 million) annually.

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