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US senator lauds AquaBounty's GM farm as a 'job creator'

The Indiana senator says the state is pro-aquaculture and a proponent of the GM salmon company, and its upcoming projects.

Republican Indiana Senator Todd Young lauded AquaBounty's land-based facility in Albany, Indiana, which is preparing to raise the United State's first genetically engineered salmon.

Young called the facility a "job creator" and a "wealth creator," following a tour in March, the Star Press reports.

US foodservice has mixed feelings about GM salmon

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Earlier in March, The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) lifted an import alert on the company's GM salmon eggs, paving the way for AquaBounty to produce and sell its GM salmon in the US market.

Young said he supported AquaBounty obtaining regulatory approval for two additional products — a faster-growing bioengineered rainbow trout and a gene-edited line of tilapia that exhibits improvement in fillet yield, growth and feed efficiency.

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