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Chilean salmon farms face opposition in Magallanes

Protesters are opposing the move of salmon farming to a new area on the country's extreme southern tip, where Nova Austral recently bought farming concessions.

The municipality of Cabo de Hornos, in the Magallanes region in southern Chile, is opposing the arrival and installation of salmon farms in Canal Beagle on the extreme southern tip of the country, reports La Prensa Austral.

Magallanes-based salmon company Nova Austral recently bought four farming concessions in the area, and plans to stock three of them in 2019.

The proposal by Patricio Gonzalez, mayor of Cabo de Hornos, to oppose salmon farming in the area was voted in favor following a council meeting.

“This initiative is born of the concern of the community opposing salmon farming,” said Gonzalez.

“Today, many years of work towards the conservation of the global biosphere and tourism are being thrown away.”

Estefania Gonzalez, coordinator of Greenpeace Chile, said the salmon industry has destroyed “entire ecosystems” in Chile.

“We can’t let that happen in the end of the world. Salmon farming is not established in the area yet, now is the time to stop it.”

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