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Scottish Sea Farms reduces seal culls with new netting

Incidents were down by a third last year.

Seal culls at Scottish Sea Farms's sites around Scotland’s west coast and islands have fallen by a third in a year, reports Express & Star.

Scotland takes a hit, but dodges a bullet

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The company culled 11 seals under licence to protect salmon stocks between Feb. 1, 2018 and Jan. 31, 2019.

The deaths at nine of its 45 farms were down 31 percent from the 16 culls in 2017 and a further drop from the 17 culls in 2016.

The company said the reduction follows the introduction of protective rigid pen netting, which has helped to prevent the seals from accessing the salmon.

At the company’s seven farms in Orkney, where the new protective nets were first trialed in 2016 before being rolled-out, there have been no seal culls in almost three years.

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