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North Atlantic Seafood Forum featuring 'Seafood Innovation Day'

Ten companies will pitch business ideas to potential investors.

For the first time in the main North Atlantic Seafood Forum (NASF) program an entire day of seafood innovation will be presented.

Seafood Innovation Day is a collaboration between The Seafood Innovation Cluster and NASF.

The event will showcase cutting-edge innovations and investment opportunities in the industry. The 13th annual North Atlantic Seafood Forum is scheduled for March 6-8 in Bergen, Norway.

North Atlantic Seafood Forum to cast new light on aquaculture innovation

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Norway's Seafood Innovation Cluster was established to facilitate industry growth. Through the National Centres of Expertise (NCE), the Seafood Innovation Cluster focuses on knowledge, innovation and entrepreneurship to help the industry reach its production goals.

"To reach the ambitious vision of the seafood industry, we need to facilitate innovation and digital development," said Tanja Hoel, general manager of The Seafood Innovation Cluster. "At Seafood Innovation Day we will show exciting initiatives that can contribute to new solutions in the seafood industry."

Growth through innovative solutions is crucial if the seafood industry is to realize the UN´s sustainability goals by 2030.

"The seafood industry must take a leading role to seek solutions for sustainable food production for the growing global population," said Einar Wathne, chairman of The Seafood Innovation Cluster and president of Cargill Aqua Nutrition. "When seafood executives from all over the world meet at NASF, we have a unique opportunity to put innovation for sustainable growth in the seafood industry on the global agenda."


Entrepreneurs represent much of the innovative force of the seafood industry and contribute to increased innovative opportunities in existing businesses as well as new seafood companies.

The NCE Seafood Innovation Cluster programs provide opportunities for development, financing and commercialization of new business ideas.

Through an application process, 10 startups have qualified to pitch their business ideas at the Seafood Innovation Day. They have all participated in programs at Accel Seafood or Hatch Aquaculture Accelerator, which are business accelerators with unique growth programs for innovative start-ups in the seafood industry.

Through showcasing at Seafood Innovation Day, the selected startups are given access to potential partners, customers and investors. The purpose of this match-making, is to link good ideas with capital and partners, and thus facilitate the development of new seafood companies.

New business opportunities

Digitalization and use of new technology provide new opportunities for business development in existing businesses. Seafood Innovation Day will explore how machine learning, artificial intelligence and new blockchain technology can contribute to new solutions in the seafood industry.

Innovations often spin out from the R&D sector. Seafood Innovation Day, say its organizers, will facilitate establishment of new relationships and match-makings that can provide innovation, new technology and business development in increased collaboration between R&D and the seafood industry.

The event, for the first time, will award the best seafood innovation pitch during NASF 2018.

The innovation award aims to stimulate and reward knowledge-based innovation and entrepreneurship within the seafood industry, as well as contribute to the development of commercial potential.

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