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VIDEO: Washington State officials give lesson in catching Cooke's salmon

Washington state officials hope recreational anglers can help capture the escaped salmon.

With an estimated tens of thousands of escaped Atlantic salmon still roaming around the Pacific Northwest waters, Washington state officials are hoping to drum up more interest among recreational anglers to help capture the fish.

So far, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) officials estimate recreational anglers, tribes and Cooke itself have recovered around 200,000 fish from the collapsed net pen, according to, but multiple sites are reporting a wide range of figures.

Officials in the video go over keys to identifying Atlantic salmon.

"Let's talk about tactics for catching Atlantic salmon," WDFW's Danny Garret said on the video, noting that shallow water and small lures have been effective.

Anglers still need fishing licenses, and limitations on the locations where they can fish still apply, authorities said.

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