Women in Seafood

How to bring more women into the seafood sector

Women in Seafood: Ewos' Hilde Waage

'Be yourself, don’t try to be a man. You are probably surrounded by a lot of them, though, so challenge their thinking, use your competitive advantage as a female, and do it smart and with a positive mindset.'

Women in seafood: Icicle Seafood's Daniela Klimsova

'Let's focus on recruiting more women, developing career paths for them and let's give women more exposure to the executive circles and to the boards. Let's assign targets, budgets and man-hours to this and make it a continuous effort.'

Women in seafood: High Liner's Denise Gurshin

'Choosing to work in the seafood industry requires sacrifice, especially if you are a parent. When a man travels for his job, it may be viewed favorably that he is supporting his family. Too often, the comment to mothers who travel for business is: 'I could never leave my child.''

Women in seafood: Europeche's Kathryn Stack

'Women are often overlooked in the workplace and feel they have to prove themselves a lot more. It's important to break stereotypes by simply communicating with people, not feeling intimidated and showing you can do the job just as well as your male counterparts.'

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