Spanish salmon, tuna processor invests millions into new plant

Alfrisa will increase its retail presence and its product range with the new opening.

Spanish seafood processor Alfrisa is investing €8 million ($9.6 million) in the construction of a new plant in Catalonia and a further €1.5 million ($1.8 million) in the upgrade of another plant in the same region.

The company, which processes frozen Atlantic salmon, tuna, swordfish and cephalopods, is planning to revamp its operations and increase its client portfolio with the additional volumes.

It plans to increase its output by 50 percent with the new facilities, Cesar Palomares, CEO at the company told IntraFish.

“The new plant will have 12,000 square meters and a cold storage capacity of 60,000 cubic meters that will be fully automated and will allow us to freeze fish at minus 22 degrees Celsius,” Palomares said.

The investment, according to Palomares, includes €2.5 million ($3 million) in machinery, since the facilities will be “very logistically focused.”

Alfrisa expects to close 2017 with a turnover of €63 million ($75.4 million) and to reach sales of €120 million ($143.6 million) within three years.

“We are increasing our product range and also our client portfolio, especially in retail.” Palomares said.

The company will process new packed seafood and tuna products in the new plant, which will be operative from June 2019.


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